riding lessons

We offer riding lessons for beginners and intermediate riders. Our main goal is to teach your child how to love horses  and take care of it. Your child will learn horsemanship, good showmanship and how to form a mutual partnership with their equine partner. 

Here at Robertson Horse Adventures we focus more on gaining riding experience through having fun than drill the kids with endless circles and transitions. Here you’ll experience horses as raw and honest as possible


Pony rides

For the little riders that just absolutely love horses but are still a little to young, we offer short 15 minute pony rides through our orchards and vineyards. Their ponies will be on a lead rope and they will learn the basics while having fun. 

Riding horses are extremely benificial for the young child. For children that easily gets distracted or scared, this is the perfect option to get them started on their horse riding journey.


30 minute beginner lesson

Perfect for young riders, this option includes a quick grooming session while they instructor tack up their pony. They will learn how to mount, steer, and develop the correct posture and position all while having fun!


girl showing a SA Boerperd

60 min lesson

This option is our most popular choice and consist of grooming, tacking up and then a lesson in the arena or on one of our beautiful trails. 

Your child will learn how to walk, trot and canter with the correct seat, and will later be introduced to a bit of jumping. 

Option to show with our beautiful SA Boerperde at show in the Western Cape. We only do it for fun and only do small shows and agricultural shows. No graded or SANESA shows.


pony rides for preschoolers

Let us come to your preschool with our ponies! We hand-select our ponies to be safe and calm around children to ensure that the little people in your care are in as good hands as possible.

Horse riding have so much benefits for growing children and helps with many aspects of their development, including physical and emotional. 

R20 per pony ride 

Robertson Horse Adventures speel 'n belangrike rol in die ontwikkeling van elke maatjie hier by Pitter Patter Playhouse. Dit verbeter nie net hulle bloedsirkulasie en balans nie, maar help ook met die ontwikkeling van hul motoriese vaardighede. Dit help ook met die maats se selfvertroue. Die personeel is baie vriendelik en baie betroubaar. Ons maats kan nie wag vir elke week se lessie hier op die plaas nie!
Melanie Marais
Owner of Pitter Patter Playhouse, Robertson

equine-assisted therapy

Horses make the world just a little bit kinder to children that are struggling. 

Come and meet our friendly horses and if you feel ready, have a slow walk on one of the gentle horse’s backs. 

R120 per 30 minutes of equine interaction.