What We Offer

Trail Rides

The ultimate horse adventure for young and old. Our trails stretch across vineyards, nut trees, open grasslands and the Breede River, and will leave you with memories you’ll never forget…

girl showing a SA Boerperd


We ensure you’ll have fun while you learn! Here at Robertson Horse Adventures we believe that horse riding should be about sharing the joy and love of horses. Our lessons include horsemanship, knowledge, and of course riding with well developed balance, coordination and skill…

other options and specials

Do you want to treat that special someone? Don’t worry, we have you covered! We offer anything from a romantic picnic to an idyllic carriage ride…

Couple riding in a horse drawn carriage in robertson

SA boerperd samjak stud

all our horses are home bred by us. Our goal is to breed hardy, loving horses with huge hearts and quick feet. All our young horses are halter trained by the time they are weaned and a bit later brought into gentle work to ensure that they quickly become well adapted citizens of our Samjak Stud. 

SA Boerperde are known for their good nature,  stamina and hardiness. They are also extremely versatile and aim to please their rider in whatever they do. Our horses are a true testimony to that.