Experience our beautiful country from an unique viewpoint, from the back of one of our trusty horses! With routes wandering through vineyards, orchards, river banks and mountains, you can be sure to see Robertson’s country side in all it’s glory!

Whether you have experience or not, we have a horse that will be carefully selected to fit you and your needs. Little children will be on a lead rein to ensure that your little one is safe!

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So having not ridden horses for a few years, I decided to join some family members for a trail ride at Robertson Horse Adventures. Our host, Wilke, was great and sorted our horses out with her friendly nature and big smile. Our ride took us through wine fields and it was super interesting to hear Wilke telling us things about wine farms etc that I had no prior knowledge of. The horses were well behaved and a pleasure to ride. All in all a great experience that comes highly recommended.
Charles Steel

the vineyard trail

A scenic beginner route, taking a slow stroll through vineyards on one of our gentle horses. Suitable for riders of all ages, including children 2 years and up.

This route is about 4 km and includes a slow walk and an optional trot

45 min – 1 hour

R260 pp

The almond trail

Designed for the rider with a bit more experience, this route take you through the almond trees of Major’s Hill with a lovely sandy stretch, perfect for a long trot. 

This route is about 6 km long and includes a walk and a stretch of trot

1 – 1.2 hours

R280 pp


the river trail

A soul freeing route – perfect for the confident rider, with long stretches of trot and cantering. You’ll follow a track winding next to the Bree River. If you are lucky, you might just see one of the fishing eagles in their hunting territory. 

This route is up to 10 km far, and includes walk, trot and canter.

R300 pp